Thursday, April 7, 2011

DMC has a grain! Seriously?

I discovered on the HAED Bulletin Board (BB) that our beloved DMC floss has a grain.  That's right, stitching against the grain can cause your crosses to appear less shiny, to fuzz, or even to lay differently.  "To find the grain direction, cut a length of floss, loop the thread over so both the cut ends lie next to each other.  Holding the cut lengths close together, about 1/2" from the tips, use one finger of your free hand to gently tap the cut ends.  Watch carefully - the end that balloons most is the end that should be threaded through your needle."  Colette (taken from the HAED BB)

Funny, I always ignored ends that ballooned and threaded the oposite side! The Maiden


  1. i knew it just didn't know it was a grain......

  2. DMC has always insisted that their floss doesn't have a grain, but if you run your fingers up and down a strand, one way definitely feels rougher.