Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2014 HAED challenge

No that is not a typo, Kris and I are actually planning a HAED Challenge for 2014! This is what happens when you drink Muscato and stitch! Below are the two HAEDs we will be stitching that year, so excited!



She does not know it yet, but I just bought us both patterns! Too excited!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mishra...eventually you'll get more than one stripe

Here is my HAED Mishra. Poor Mishra has had a rough go of it. I started him with full crosses with 1 over 1 on 25ct. Then I was introduced to tenting and I decided to frog all of the stitches and start over with half crosses with 3 over 1 on 25ct. Then I decided that 3 over 1 was too bulky on the back and that I didn't like it so I decided to start over again. This time I did 2 over 1 on 28ct and so far I'm liking it a whole lot better. So, in pictures we started with this:
Went to this:

Was introduced to tenting and frogged all of the above and arrived at this point (I don't know why it's rotated):

Hated 3 over 1 on 25ct and started over yet again with 2 over 1 on 28ct and after a couple of hours stitching have ended up here:

I like the 2 over 1 on 28ct much better and am going to stay here for this and all future HAEDs.