Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long time - Captive©Marta Dahlig

Well this is bizarre but here I am posting. It seems Captive was tired of being ignored so she used all of her might screamed rather loudly and I had to take notice. So I'm posting her picture as she has requested and she will be out for a month or so .... Now if Catch Me doesn't notice I'll be good


  1. You are further than I remember, so exciting! I am very glad you posted, and at your suggestion will join you for a much needed HAED month! since you took the lead, I will join in with a Dahlig, one who also looks a little "captive," and will pick up "love" once my week calms down.

    1. Perfect!!!! A Dahlig SAL!!!!! We should post weekly progress pics as motivation !!!

  2. I LOVE how you stitched the foot with the red toes! Rel lifelike!

  3. Make that REAL lifelike......

  4. Looks brilliant! Glad to see that she screamed!